clean green power

Scheme details

The nature of a hydro-electricity scheme varies according to the location, natural features and water-flow of each potential hydro site.

Initially we will evaluate your site to determine whether it has the necessary ingredients to be a successful hydro site.

If your site is deemed viable then we will:

  • Recommend the most suitable and efficient way of installing a hydro-electric turbine onto your site.
  • Consult with the land owners affected in order to draw up legal land agreements.
  • Commission the necessary impact assessments and habitat surveys.
  • Complete pre-application stages with the relevant bodies (e.g. Local planning authority, Environment Agency and Natural England) in order to obtain planning permission and the relevant licenses.
  • Submit full application to the appropriate bodies, including detailed method statements.
  • Once the application has been approved, CGP will manage the construction phase installing the relevant equipment that is required to complete your hydro-electricity site.

The scheme CGP offers requires no capital outlay or risk of loss to the landowner and will result in the production of green electricity at fixed prices for use on site or export to the grid.

If you have a site you would like evaluated please contact us directly by emailing or calling us on 01626 366793

Case Study

The following is an outline of a hydro-electricity scheme at one of our existing sites:

  • The site was identified as having the necessary ingredients to be a successful micro-hydro site producing an average output of 50KWs.
  • The proposal was to reopen an old, disused leat to transport water from a weir, downstream to a hydro-electric turbine.
  • To allow repairs to the weir, sluice and leat, land agreements were completed with the three landowners on the leat side of the river.
  • A pre-application stage was completed with both Dartmoor National Park and the Environment Agency for planning permission and relevant licenses.
  • Full applications were then submitted to both bodies.
  • Construction phase was timetabled to be completed in accordance with the terms of the relevant consents and land agreements.

CGP has a number of schemes in the planning stage. Whilst no two sites are identical, all the planning roughly follows the above pattern.

On completion of all stages, the scheme is commissioned and hydro-generation begins.


  • Green electricity at fixed prices
  • Low environmental impact
  • No capital outlay or risk of loss
  • Formal long-term legal agreements
  • Minimal disruption during construction