clean green power

How we can help

The process of bringing a hydro-power site to production is a slow and sometimes tedious process. CGP aims to complete all stages with minimal disruption to the site itself and those occupying the location. Hydro sites are generally sympathetic to their surroundings and are the least intrusive of renewable energy sources. They are however very effective and use world renowned technology to produce benefits for all involved parties.

CGP can help you assess whether you have a potential hydro site on your property. The site needs, of course, a source of running water that has a substantial flow that is more or less constant in all but the driest of times. We also look for “head”, that is, the height that the water falls over the land that is under your control. We also need to know that there is room to build a power house, sometimes no bigger than a single garage, adjacent to the flowing water.

We will be happy to advise you whether there is the potential for generating hydro-electricity in commercial quantities on your land. Simply contact CGP (South West) Limited by telephone or email and we will start the process.


  • Green electricity at fixed prices
  • Low environmental impact
  • No capital outlay or risk of loss
  • Formal long-term legal agreements
  • Minimal disruption during construction