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We evaluate your site to determine whether or not it is a viable hydro-electric location.

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We prepare all applications & legal agreements & install a hydro-generation plant to requirements.

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We generate clean green power for use on the site and export to the national grid.

CGP provides a comprehensive service in seeking, evaluating and developing small hydro-electricity sites

  • Identifying potential hydro sites, defined as developments capable of producing between 25Kw – 100Kw.
  • Establishing the feasibility of a site with, initially, a desk-top study followed by a full evaluation.
  • Commissioning the necessary impact assessments and habitat surveys.
  • Submitting applications to the Environment Agency and local planning authority to establish formal approval for a scheme.
  • Managing the construction phase, commissioning and commencing production of electricity available both to local landowvners and the national grid.

Contact us for an assessment of the hydro-potential on your property


  • Green electricity at fixed prices
  • Low environmental impact
  • No capital outlay or risk of loss
  • Formal long-term legal agreements
  • Minimal disruption during construction